'A Sustainable Diet'

'A Sustainable Diet'

In a world where we continue to search for a diet that provides good nutrition, properly fuels the body and is sustainable for the long-term none of the current trendy diets seem to meet this need. One by one, many popular trendy diets come and go but the word "diet" denotes a temporary or short-term solution to a long-term or permanent need. The American Dietetic Association recommends a balanced diet such as seen on myplate.gov but many Americans are reluctant to follow this standard which is backed by multitudes of research. Diets such as the Keto diet, South Beach Diet, Atkins Diet, all offer promise but are difficult to maintain over the long haul. Many of these diets restrict the primary source of fuel in the body carbohydrate which has developed a bad reputation in the fitness world. However, moderation is key to success in every endeavor and nutrition falls right into that paradigm. 


21 December 2018


Fitness, Sports Performance, Nutrition