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Not Your Average Gym…
We're Much, Much More!

Why are we unique? We are the ONLY local fitness organization who puts wellness at the center of everything. If you are training for a sport or competitive event, we help you train and make sure your body is up to the task. If you are injured, we apply a physical therapy program that will set you up for a successful recovery. If you are recovering from surgery, or have a chronic physical issue, we provide you with a natural way to successfully get back on track. If you are simply looking to get in shape, we build your program to help you successfully reach your goals through a steady build up, and a nutritional consultation that yields life-long results.

Our Commitment

Our team is committed helping you to become the best you can be - whether it be in athletics, general health, or if recovering from an injury.

We want everyone to leave our facility feeling better than they did when they first came through our door!

Sports Performance Training

Sports Performance Training is well-known focus at Elite. We've prepared high school athletes to compete at the college level and beyond, as well as adult distance runners and weight lifters achieve greatness.

Fitness Training

We work with athletes of all ages to identify areas of deficit through athletic testing and orthopedic assessment, then use these results to develop an individualized health & wellness & performance training program.

Aquatic Wellness

Our pool, underwater treadmills and stationary bikes, aquatic classes, and strength training equipment aid in regaining, preserving or improving their physical health, function and wellness.

Meet The ELITE Team

Cody Gerhard
Cody GerhardCertified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Shelly Howard
Shelly HowardACSM Health and Fitness Instructor
Chris Maffey
Chris MaffeyAquatic Instructor, USWF Certified, Red Cross Certified Lifeguard/First Aid/CPR

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