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Fitness / Online Training


Personalized Strength and Conditioning Program

Elite Sports and Wellness is excited to introduce our new and easy to use fitness app. Whether you are an athlete looking to better your sport performance or an individual looking to elevate your health and wellness, these programs are built for you. First, users will be asked to complete a consultation form. This form allows for our coaches to better understand each individual and build users a personalized program. You will be asked questions such as your training experience, injury history, gym accessibility, and of course overall fitness goals. Once the program is built, users will be guided through their very profile and instructed on how to use the software. Within each profile, users will be able to view monthly training schedule, access exercise video tutorials, track the progress of each workout, and analyze all personal fitness information.

Monthly Active and Fit

In addition to our online personalized training program, Elite Sports and Wellness is excited to announce our new Monthly Active and Fit profile. Within this profile, clients will be giving the same username and password. Just like the personalized program, clients will be given access to the monthly workout calendar. Also, users will be able to access the monthly workout schedule, view exercise video tutorials, and have direct communication with the strength coach. Although, the Monthly Active and Fit profile will be much more “generalized” in comparison to the personalized fitness program. However, clients will be given new strength and conditioning workouts every week.
Cody Gerhard
Cody GerhardCertified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

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CODY'S BIO: Cody is a certified strength and conditioning specialist who is dedicated to coaching the future of professional sports. Cody has completed a bachelors degree in Exercise Sports Science at the University of Utah. Cody is extremely passionate about fitness and takes pride in the progression of those he coaches. For the past thirteen years, Cody has competitively raced off-road dirt bikes. His passion for exercise science started when he organized his very own program that lead him to winning four National Championships during his career. His goal is to continue to further his education while working in his field. He will continue to race dirt bikes and live an active and healthy life style. His experience as an athlete and knowledge as a student is crucial to the progression of those he coaches.

Shelly Howard
Shelly HowardACSM Health and Fitness Instructor

SHELLY'S BIO: Shelly is an ACSM Health and Fitness Instructor with 25 years of experience. In the Navy she helped members lose weight on the remedial program, and then continued her interest motivating minds by attaining an AS in psychology. She was the Fitness Specialist at the Naval Hospital in Beaufort SC, where she established a new fitness and wellness center. She advised active duty marines about supplementation and nutrition while her husband was stationed on Okinawa. For the last 20 years she’s competed in fitness and physique competitions, and developed a successful competition prep program to help others take the stage. Shelly’s clients range from children, post rehab clients, military members, athletes and the elderly. Her specialties are weight loss and correcting imbalances and weaknesses. She also teaches yoga, cycling, kickboxing, TRX and boot camp classes. Her goal is to make training fun and safe, encourage you to be more active, and teach you about nutrition to get the most out of your training. Whether you would like to get stronger, leaner or just feel better, she’s happy to help you reach your goals.

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