Warm-Up Tips

Warm-Up Tips

Don’t forget the warm-up!

Warming up before physical activity is a must-do.  The most up-to-date recommendation is to complete a dynamic warm-up.  By now, most have heard this before, but what should you be doing specifically?  Before completing your exercise routine or competing in a sport, you should complete functionally based exercises that use sport-specific movements to prepare the body for activity which you would be performing in your sport/exercise.  Start movements slowly and progress to faster and more complex movements.  You can follow a specific routine every time, or think about the movements you make in your sport and be creative.  Below are 10 basic examples of dynamic warm-up movements you can complete in a down-and-back fashion:

  1. Light Jog
  2. Side Shuffle
  3. Carioca
  4. Knee to Chest
  5. Quad Pull and Lift
  6. High Knees
  7. Butt Kicks
  8. Skips for Height
  9. Reach Down and Kick Back
  10. Lunges


14 August 2018


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